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A wonderful gesture of support and interest. 

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A wonderful gesture of support and interest. 

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About Thepolicyview

Hi, welcome to my page.

About me: I have worked as a policy wonk for over ten years: advising politicians, businesses and public bodies about public policy, economic policy and public finance. 

But what I want to do is simple - I want to make the research and insight that I have open to as many people as possible. To share what I research with others so that they can understand the world around them.

So, in 2019 I will quit my well-paid job and start doing just that. So why Patreon? Research is not cheap and is often support in-house or through foundations/charities or businesses. Whilst these often produce wonderful research access is usually determined by whether the research is picked up in the press. 

For me, there is a gap in creating content which is informative and accessible about key areas of public policy, economics and finance. Thepolicyview will fill that gap through:

  • Reviews of key developments, news and research 
  • Book reviews around economics, politics and policy - sharing what I am reading and what I think 
  • In-depth articles looking at the problems of an ageing society to explaining the latest research such as neutral rate of interest (yes that is a thing) to the impact of AI on the economy. But also public policy issues like Climate change, or the impacts of an ageing society. 
The focus for me is on economic policy, public policy and the challenges we face in society. It sounds grandiose, but it's about ensuring we all have access to knowledge and insights. 

I would love for you to support me on that journey - I am not looking to endorse any one political idea or movement, I want to share my knowledge and research with others. Firstly through my blog 'the policy view' and then through research reports made available through social media. 

Top support myself during this time I will work, but in essence, the more support I receive, the more time I can dedicate to my passion.
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