Siskia Lagomarsino is creating blog content and books for language learners!

$1 /mo
The knowledge that you're awesome.
Oh, and a Twitter shoutout because I want the world to know that you are.

$5 /mo
The knowledge that you are awesome(r), and your question regarding language learning answered on social media.

$10 /mo
You love The Polyglotist, don't you?
Well, I love you back, so I’ll make a video answering your question about language learning.

$15 /mo
Getting real lovey-dovey, aren't we?
Pledge this much and you get access to a monthly 1-hour group hangout with a set topic.

$20 /mo
Now we're talking!
Pledge this much and you get an individual (pre-scheduled) language consultation of up to one hour.

$50 /mo
You're too generous to be put into words: consider this a virtual hug.
Also, you get a signed physical copy of any book released under The Polyglotist brand, sent to your addre...

$1,000 /mo
Did you really just pledge that much...?
If you didn't do this accidentally, you've just retained my services as a conlanger.
That's right: I will set up a project schedule t...