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The Popecast is a short show about the popes of the Roman Catholic Church, for those history buffs out there who have neither the time nor the interest to read dry, dusty, history books.

Running a podcast is a lot of work. We do it because the history of the papacy and Catholicism in general is worth knowing – and is worth telling in a not-boring way – but it's nice to have some friends along the way too.

Your support lets us maintain our hosting costs, purchase better recording equipment, and dedicate time to more regular episodes. More than anything though, knowing there are people out there who appreciate what we are doing makes it all worth it.

We are currently set up on a per-episode basis, to make sure that you'll only contribute to actual new content. In terms of output, The Popecast will produce a maximum of 3-4 new episodes per month

In return we pledge our prayers and eternal thanks, early access to every episode and a Popecast sticker for all patrons, and fun things like asking a question on an episode, picking our pope for the week, and other Popecast swag for those at higher tiers.
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At 25 patrons, I'll host a live Q&A and post as a special Popecast (to make all the non-patrons jealous).
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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