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About ThePortraitArt

(For Details look under Tier Type)
  • How-To Tutorial Series
  • Follow-along Exercise Videos
  • Feed backs / Tweaks of your work
  • Real-Time Live online draw-along workshops
  • Art Subject Requests
  • HD images
  • More to come, plus I'm very open to suggestions / feedback.
What's New
"How to Draw Realistically for Beginners" tutorial series officially started! New exercise video each week and new class video every couple of weeks (You should be automatically notified via email once a new exercise / course video is released, or just visit the "posts" page)

Who are you? Where are you from?
My name is Xiaonan (Male, pronounced "Shao-nan" but you can just call me "X", or professor X if you want bonus points - I kid I kid). I'm the artist behind youtube channel and  (370k and 100k subscribers/followers) 
Personal Website:

I'm from New York

What's your Zodiac? (I know, important questions first)
Leo, enjoys long huntings on the beach.

How long have you been drawing:
Around a decade.

Any interesting past projects?
Illustrations for theater released film documentary. Some commercial illustration work for movies like Creed. Some books covers. Art work / Videos in Ripley's Museums. A couple of music videos. Some other past clients includes HTC, CEOs and Officials of State. A bunch of TV stations around the world. but...
Nothing beats spending my time making stuff for you guys. 

How do I become a patron 
Any button or link that says "become a patron". You then get to pick a tier based on what you are looking for. You might also see posts that are locked, click on them to unlock basically is same thing as click on become a patron.

How do I find this/that on Patreon.
This site is mostly organized by my exclusive posts in chronological order, and tags. Every time I post something new, lets say an instructional video or exercise, or just a drawing, you will receive an email about it, and click on the link in the email will bring you straight to the post. You can also just come to the site and view recent post and see my posts in chronological order. There is also a community section where you can post your artwork or thoughts and get feedback etc. (all my patrons can see this community page and tease you)

They are also constantly improving the site. If you have questions or having difficulties, just message me here. I usually respond pretty fast! unless I'm asleep, then the response might be sleep-walking gibberish.

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a) Make step by step tutorials
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c) Produce a lot more entertaining videos and streams for you
d) Upgrade my 7 year old computer to better able to make ... well better videos and do things faster. 

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