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Scripts and other Behind-the-Scenes content. 

Outtakes and bloopers... if they're funny.

An SPC will be named and designed around your directions for my Stockholm by Night chronicle. You make up the name, personality and face (ideally with ArtBreeder or a similar tool) and I will bring them to life at a dramatically appropriate moment in the Chronicle. Maybe they will be an ancient Elder, or a young and out-of-their-depths Second Inquisition Agent!

Shoutouts during the credits on a rotating schedule.

Participation in a monthly Q&A video; essentially this means that I will record a video a month answering your questions in regards to World of Darkness or Chronicles of Darkness, crediting the question asker and linking whichever social media account you submit.
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 Aside from the previous tier's benefits, you also get access to:

Early access to my videos. My Tuesday and Wednesday lore videos will always be a week earlier, once I have this up and running, but other videos that are not on a regular schedule may not be available for quite that long before, but I will do my best.

Access to a personal feedback channel on the Discord server where I can provide tips and feedback on characters, chronicles, NPCs, or other World of Darkness / Chronicles of Darkness-related content you're making. I'll be sitting down once a week for 1 hour with you on Discord (text) and go through what you've submitted, giving pointers and thoughts.  (after your first payment)
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Hi folx!

I'm a small YouTube channel dedicated to providing entertaining and educating videos on the subject of World of Darkness, the massively influential, Gothic-Punk setting of White Wolf's RPG setting.

Chris (That's me!) has played Vampire: The Masquerade (and, to a lesser degree, Werewolf: the Apocalypse), for around 20 years, and will provide the research, editing and voice-over as we delve into the nitty gritty of these classic Tabletop RPGs.

I try to produce at least one video a week, but oftentimes there will be more, ranging from Wednesday's Who's Who to Office Hours on Fridays. 

If you want the ability to influence what videos will be worked on, and get a sneak-preview of the content that's coming, consider becoming a patron! For as little as a dollar a month, you get to vote on future content! You'll also have access to the VOD of my Changeling: the Lost game, Littlebrook: Reunion, as early as a week before it goes up on YouTube!

Thank you very much for your interest, and whether you're a patron or not, I truly do appreciate the support you're showing by viewing my content!
100% complete
While I thought the $500 goal was an impossibility, the Council proved me wrong! Thank you all so much for this amazing support you've shown me!

This means that I can devote a lot of time in providing you amazing and great content! Unfortunately I won't be able to fulfill the promise of doubling the amount of games, but I will be able to pour more time and energy into my work, and the games I run!
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