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Hi there! Welcome to ThePulsar, a website dedicated entirely to amateur science.

When I created ThePulsar in 2009 I wanted to talk about science in a different way. Many websites are already dedicated to teaching and popularization of science by making it look "simple". However, this is often done at the expense of the actual beauty of science! What I wanted to do was to show that it is possible to do real science at home without having to sacrifice any of the details on how it really works. So no over-simplification here although the content remains accessible to anybody with some basic scientific education :)

There are currently many posts about spectroscopy and spectrometer design (including a fully functional Raman spectrometer that you can build at home!) but there are also articles on chemistry, electronics/arduino, fluidics, 3D printing, optics as well as some pure fun stuff such as an airgun electronic target game.

In about 10 years, I posted about 80 detailed articles about various experiments which averages to 8 posts a year so roughly one experiment that you can do every 6 weeks! At the time of this writing, the most popular experiments are the Arduino syringe pump of 2015, the Raman spectrometer of 2019 and the Chemical Conductivity Shield for Arduino of 2016. With your help, I would like to release even more successful experiments as those :)
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Perform as many experiments as possible with the OpenRAMAN setup!
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