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About The Q Review

The Q Review exists to spread awareness and celebrate the music of LGBTQ artists around the world.  We celebrate the global LGBTQ community and music lovers in general.

LGBTQ artists have historically hid their sexuality for fear of possible nonacceptance from the music industry. But today, more and more, artists are now choosing to enter the industry as their true authentic selves, even though being an "out" artist could mean they are ignored, passed over, or met with negativity or hostility.

Started in 2018, the Q Review has served as a voice for the independent LGBTQ artist, and a champion of their artistic creativity.  We provide a platform to be heard and seen, a place they can share their stories and reach larger audiences. As an outlet committed to education, we also recognize the importance of representation and visibility of LGBTQ artists, especially for LGBTQ youth. Having artists that youth can connect to and see themselves in is crucial. It let's them know they are not alone and that they too can achieve success.

Knowing that independent artists in general struggle with funding to get their music made, the Q Review removes that barrier with a no charge mandate for artists and followers. As the only outlet of its kind, the Q Review creates opportunities for the advancement and appreciation of LGBTQ music of all genres across the globe to be experienced, discovered and enjoyed. We do so by providing a series of LGBTQ dedicated services including:

- The Q Review LGBTQ Music Website
- Social Media promotion on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @theQReviews
- The weekly Q Review Music Podcast
- Web interviews and feature articles
- The Q32 weekly LGBTQ Music Chart
- The New Q weekly New Release LGBTQ Playlists

As we grow, we continue to uncover more artists and their stories, share their music and messages and introduce audiences everywhere to the world class music being made by the LGBTQ music community.

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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