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About The Quest For Wisdom

I am a young ex-alcoholic and drug addict with severe ADHD which I left untreated until fairly recently. I managed to stop drinking and start treatment for ADHD 2 years ago, and since then my whole life has completely changed and for once I am actually in control.

6 months ago I decided to go on a trip to Brasil and so I started writing my blog, just as a way to record what I was doing. When I explained my story the blog blew up and I started receiving messages from people from all over the world saying that they could really relate to what I was writing, and asking for help and advice.

I decided that I needed to carry on down this path and help as many people as possible, and spread the blog as wide as it can go, so I have quit my job and don´t intend to start working again. Obviously maintaining a blog is costly and time consuming and I have great plans coming up, such as Podcasts with different guests, Vlogs, and an active Youtube channel.

Any donations would be graciously received!

Also any questions, suggestions, comments or criticisms are welcomed! I plan to go through life trying as many different things as possible, pushing myself to the limit, and then recording my experiences to try and inspire and motivate people.

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