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At WOW Classic's launch in 2019, Alenya and Umbra published one of the world's fastest and easiest solo Alliance levelling guides, a set over 80 pages long that covered every starting area.

Alenya went on to become the fifth Oceanic player to hit 60 at launch, and a Global top 100.

The Race to 60 Alliance Levelling Guide is the product of 2 years' route design, 4000 hours of playtesting and a lot of passion for helping ensure players can easily complete a fast route without needing to be at the top of their class. Today, thousands of players have enjoyed the experience of getting from level one to sixty in the shortest time using this guide.

As of today, the original Levelling Guide is available FREE to download.

Alenya is currently working to port the guide into a working addon for WOW Classic.
Thr addon will also be free. This port will include:

Full sections for all starting areas
Latest improvements to the 1-60 route
Integration with 'smart' Guidelime features
Integration with Questie quest locations

On the 'to do' list:

All class quests
Phase 5 Silithus quest hub

We want to create a resource the entire community can benefit from. You can help make that happen. Thank you for your time - and For the Alliance!

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