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Welcome to the second story of the BHC - come on up and make yourself at home! Second floor members will receive an MP3 to download each month - including new songs, live recordings, demos, and rare mixes. You’ll also get access to Patron-exclusive live-streams.


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All our third-floor patrons will receive a custom Happy Birthday VIDEO every year on your birthday! (We’ll perform a personalized birthday song for you or the person of your choice and send you a video that you are free to download and share on social media)

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If you’re a fan of The Ragbirds' music and you want to support our ongoing efforts to create, tour, and record  - Patreon is the place. Welcome and thank you for checking it out. 

Erin Zindle & The Ragbirds have toured in 47 states (+ Canada & Japan) with a contagiously joyous, high-energy live show and an honest message of hope. The folk-rock songs we create are rooted in rhythm, influenced by sounds from all over the world. We've independently released 5 studio albums and we're currently writing songs for the next one.

We continue to work hard as entrepreneurs in a field which is unlike any other business - where the hours clocked in do not correlate to the paychecks received and where experience and skill do not correlate with promotion or perceived value. We have traveled a long way to find we still don't know how to get where we are going. And we've learned the hard way that the non-stop touring life is not as sustainable as we thought. 

That's how we ended up here.

We are full of gratitude and ready to make a positive, healthy change - one that sustains both the musician and the music.

As the band’s songwriter, I’ve still got a lot more to say and I’m nowhere near done making music. I’ve got over 80 songs in various stages of completion that no one has heard yet. I’ve got a new Ragbirds’ album, a Christmas album, a children’s album, a worship project, and a solo album in my sights for the near future along with a number of art projects and music videos. I write constantly and I want to share it with you through blogs, poems, stories, and songs. There are a lot of costs involved with each of these projects. I’ve got the ideas, the skills, the instruments, the team and the ambition. All I need is to stop my wheels long enough to dig in to this creative work and still be able to afford the cost of living.

Instead of doing a big flurry of crowdfunding for each new project we have decided to take a different approach. We’re rejecting the urgent deadlines, the super-hype complex, the desperate pleading. We’re rejecting the ad-laced blogs, clickbait tactics, the click-to-vote, and the braggadocio.

We want to write and record music at a natural and healthy pace. We want to tour seasonally and not constantly, taking the time to reimagine our live show so we can make it better every single time. I want to tell you more of the stories that I can't share from the stage, to share the glut of footage and photos and recordings we already have cramming up our hard drives. I want to tackle the ever-growing list of creative projects I keep dreaming up but never have the time or the funding to accomplish.

To DO this I will need support. I need a salary and a budget to work with to pay for the recording studios, musicians, graphic designers, filmmakers, office rent, crew, gas, food, supplies, promotion, etc.

Patreon offers an alternative to the hype game - a subscription-based model where the value is in the content. The artist's value is determined by you, and the creators of the content are rewarded for creating engaging content. Our reward is a sustainable living wage - so we can continue creating more content.

As a patron you'll be an insider along the journey of creating music, with the joy of knowing that you helped to make it possible. Check out all the incentives, rewards, and experiences we’ve laid out below and feel free to ask us any questions.

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When we reach 100 patrons we will celebrate with another streaming live party (woot woot!!!!) but this time we will invite all of you to be there in person as well! A private show for Bird House Club members only - we can't wait! Spread the word and get your friends to join the club so we can all make it happen! : )
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