Ethan Ralph is creating #Killstreams & Blog Posts

Discord Role + Patreon Feed Access

$1 /mo
You get a specialized Discord Role and access to Patreon-exclusive posts. I'm going to setup an exclusive Patron room within the discord, so you'll get access to that as well.  

Daily #Killstream SoundCloud Links

$2 /mo
If you pledge $2 or more per month, you will receive daily SoundCloud links to the audio versions of the #Killstream. You can also download the show to your device through this link. 

Monthy Stream/Chat

$5 /mo
I'm going to start doing monthly Patreon streams. If you donate more than $5, you can come talk on those. Actually, I'll probably let everyone on who wants on, cause I'm nice like that. But I neede...

Super Sponsor

$50 /mo
This is a special tier that I can't really think of any good rewards for, but if you hit it up, you can message me any time with ideas, etc. Maybe you even have a good idea for this reward tier lol.