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About The Reads

Welcome to The Reads, a show that chronicles the journey of Scar and Toph's producer extraordinaire, Spenser, as he tries to climb to the first place on Smashladder, the Super Smash Bros Melee netplay ladder. Unfortunately, Spenser's too busy being a badass and doing Spenser shit, so Toph and Scar are helping him reach that goal.

Every week, we upload a new episode to our YouTube channel. Sometimes we fly out guests to give us a challenge (since Scar and Toph are way too good at Smash and would win for free by themselves). If you become a patron, you can watch all four episodes in a batch hot-off-the-press, weeks before those episodes become available on YouTube, and you gain access to primo subscriber-only content. And some other goodies.

Anther's Ladder, aka Smashladder, is an online ranking ladder and netplay lobby for Super Smash Bros. Melee. Many aspiring Melee players have leveled up by finding netplay opponents via Smashladder, such as Syrox and the elusive PaNdOrA's FoX. You can find more info on how to set up netplay and join the online SSBM community here

To each and every one of you. Even if you watch the YouTube episode with Adblock enabled, even if you freeze glitch us in netplay matches, even if you're Atrioc. All of your support helps pay for the hours of therapy we require at this point from dealing with the F***ING LAG. And lastly: we're new to this platform and this whole Patreon thing is a work in progress, so if you have any advice, please hit us up on Twitter with your comments and criticism. We appreciate it.
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