ClassyGengar is creating youtube videos

$1 /mo
You guys are great, you get basic access to my live streams. 

$3 /mo
You, you guys are special. You will get a specially genned Pokemon a week.

$5 /mo
You guys will get two genned Pokemon per week, plus get featured battles on the channel, either battling me or sending in battle video codes, limited to once a month.

$10 /mo
You, now you guys are amazing. You will get all the above goodies, and a chance for special battle with me where you make the rules, also get two chances a month to submit a battle video.

$20 /mo
You will get all previous prizes, get special shout outs, and credited in the description of my videos (can opt out of course) I will give you battling advice and build teams for you. You will also...

$100 /mo
If anyone does this, you sir or madame are a god. You get all above goodies and will help me determine some content on the channel, such as let's plays, become an admin of the Facebook group, and I...