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About The Real E v v o n n e

Hello - I have been creating videos since 2015 and I cannot imagine doing anything else with my life.  I am so excited that you have decided to support me over here on my Patreon and joining my close-knit community of eye opening videos.  YouTube has forced me to post sensitive content here on Patreon. YouTube has been censoring truther channels which is a form of censorship. I will not censor myself on Patreon.  Every Exclusive video you see here, has been created just for you, and cannot be found on my YouTube channel.

Some of the types of videos I create are:  Debunking Hoaxes; NWO agenda; Pizzagate; Satanic Rituals; False Flags; Social Experiments; Weather Modification; Illuminati and Globalism.  I've been very fortunate to be able to create REAL NEWS videos that people actually care about. 

If you want the TRUTH without censorship, then this is the channel for you!  

Thank you so very much!!! I hope that this content lives up to your expectation.

To request Exclusive content videos:
*Send a private message to me from Patreon. (Click the “more” button next to my number of Patrons).

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Once I hit this goal, I will be able to purchase better quality lighting for on camera videos; software to edit videos and a microphone for better audio quality.
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