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About The Real F.B.I.

Welcome to The Real F.B.I.
God leads us down paths that will bring Him glory if we are willing to listen, follow and step out in faith. God has put me in the perfect position to establish this podcast. I am a neutral party. I gain absolutely nothing from any relationship created between investors, Christian advisors, broker dealers, investment companies, subscription services etc. who gain business from that relationship. I am merely the voice charged with bringing the message of Faith Based Investing/Biblically Responsible Investing to both investors and Christian advisors for God's glory!
What should you expect?
Through my work as a business coach and consultant God has allowed me to build strong relationships with the presidents of almost every major company in the BRI movement. Through these relationships I will be able to interview the leaders in the industry and bring their hearts and wisdom directly to you the listener! You will learn about new developments and all of the ways these industry leaders are changing the way Christians think about investing. You will be amazed by the stories of success and transformation of both individuals and corporations that choose to honor God with all of their resources.
Why are we on Patreon?
Let me be clear, No guest will EVER pay to be on the show. The Real F.B.I. will never ask for or accept sponsorship for the show. This will not be a commercial for any one company. As I said previously, I am a neutral party and will remain that way. Yes, there are production costs and I pray that this podcast will have the ability to grow quickly so it impacts more and more people. This is why we are on Patreon. If an individual or company chooses to support us through Patreon it will be very much appreciated.
How does this work?
Many Patreon members have different “Tiers” set up for support. If you give XXX amount per month you receive extra stuff but if you give XXXX amount per month you get MORE extra stuff. We will not be doing this. I am asking each person to pray about supporting this message because it is a message that needs to be heard. The person who contributes $5.00 a month is no less important to the success of spreading this message than the person or company that chooses to support us with $1000.00 per month. The bottom line is this: The more support we have the greater the opportunity for positive change for the glory of God! That being said, when we create any bonus content that does not air on our regularly published podcasts it will be available to EVERY Patreon supporter no matter their “Tier” of giving.
Thank you!
For those of you who are led to support our mission we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Our mission is clear and our goals are lofty but we know His word to be true so we live out Matthew 6:33 every day and stand on His promise in Philippians 4:13. Lastly, our prayer for you: May God bless you, your family and the work HE has you doing!
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When we reach 200 Patrons we will be able to produce a podcast each week instead of just twice per month. This allows me to interview more people who can blast this message out to their entire network to spread the message of BRI faster and wider!
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