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Patron-only content - including background info, insight to the making-of, performance videos, unreleased footage, in-progress lyrics and artwork, outtakes, early sneak-peeks, and more!
Mixtape series access - an evolving, creative homogeneity of my various guest features, miscellaneous verses, remixes, and unreleased material. I will be gradually adding to the project and offering my patrons private streaming access of its developing iterations.
Early access - be the first to hear songs coming down the pipeline, prior to their official release.

You'll also receive a personalized postcard, from me, sincerely thanking you for your patronage.
  • Patron-only posts and messages
  • Thank you postcard
  • Early access
  • Mixtape series access
  • Unreleased video footage
  • Behind-the-scenes content
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Everything offered in the previous tier, plus special access to private streaming of the following patron-only playlists:

Non-album tracks and rarities - an incrementally developing compilation of all my unreleased material.
Guest features volume 1 - showcasing additional collaborations not available on streaming services.

You'll also get digital access to my legacy (and continuing) art portfolio of etchings, mixed media, and acrylic paintings, as well as access to the private Jon Ditty Discord community.
  • Art portfolio access
  • Guest features volume 1
  • Non-album tracks and rarities
  • Access to private discord community
  • Previous tier benefits
  • Exclusive Sticker
Exclusive Sticker
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Everything offered in the previous tiers, plus special access to private streaming of my entire catalog, including the following additional playlists:

Hardcore fans only - goofy side projects and embarrassments that would never stand a chance making it into my formal discography.
Album instrumentals - when you're absolutely sick of hearing my voice.
Album a capellas - for the sonic or mentally impaired (who think my voice is soothing when soloed), for DJ scratch work, or for you to try your hand at a Jon Ditty remix. Who knows, if I dig it, maybe it'll get formally released? *These will be made available for download with their corresponding bpm.
  • Instrumentals and a capellas
  • Full library access
  • Hardcore fans only
  • Previous tier benefits
  • Exclusive Mug
Exclusive Mug
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Now we're getting faaancy. You'll receive all of the previous tier benefits, in addition to the following premiums:

Biannual mystery swag box - every six months of recurring subscription, I'll basically hook you up with some cool ass sh*t from me. Think something like gift basket, or monthly makeup box... only not that, and more Jon Ditty-y. The longer you stay locked in at this tier (or higher), the more tricked out I'ma try to make it for you. Ya dig?
Limited lathe cut vinyl 7" - once a year, I'm going to press a new song to lathe cut vinyl. It'll have original jacket artwork and everything (created by me). These will be complimentary to my higher tier patrons, and the edition will be based around the number of folks subscribed at the time of their production. Either way, they're gonna be rare as f*ck.
Monthly interactive livestream - access to a 30 minute, patron-only, interactive Q&A hosted as a monthly group Zoom call.

You'll also receive download codes to my album discography, as well as a public shout-out—by name—on your social media platform of choice (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter).
  • Previous tier benefits
  • Patron shout-out
  • Monthly interactive livestream
  • Discography downloads
  • Limited lathe cut vinyl 7"
  • Biannual mystery swag box
  • Exclusive Organic Tote Bag
Exclusive Organic Tote Bag
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Wow! You're seriously providing financial stability to my career. Here, you'll receive all of the previous tier benefits, in addition to the following perks:

Monthly private zoom meeting - you'll have my undivided attention for 30 minutes per month (on an agreed upon date and time). You can use this as an opportunity to petition my constructive criticism or guidance on whatever endeavor you're aspiring, or simply use it as a digital hangout sesh for discussing: rap, writing, gear, production, live performance, me, you, life, environmental science, or whatever your heart desires! This is available as a phone call too, if that's better for you.
Guest list privileges - as long as you're subscribed at this tier, you and a guest will have complimentary access to any standard Jon Ditty show (not including festival appearances).
Annual framed artwork - on your recurring annual anniversary at this tier (of twelve consecutive months), you'll be awarded an original, framed and matted, piece of art, created by yours truly.
  • Previous tier benefits
  • Monthly private zoom meeting
  • Guest list privileges
  • Annual framed artwork
  • Exclusive T-shirt
Exclusive T-shirt
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Alright, at this point, not only are you clearly financially solid, yourself, but you're taking a vested interest in my career success. In other words, if you're really serious about this level pledge, well... I'm kinda indebted to you. You'll pretty much receive whatever you want from me (within reason). Here are some things that might include:

Full library download access - that's right, no streaming necessary. I'll give you downloads of everything I've made (just please don't share the unreleased materials with the world). And anything fresh that I'm about to release publicly, you'll be the first to receive it.
Merchandise care package - after your first month of subscribing at this tier, you'll be delivered one of every merch item in my inventory. Swag!
Executive producer credit - for as long you're subscribed at this tier, you'll receive an (informal) "Executive Producer" credit on any projects released during that interim.
Handwritten verse - select your favorite Jon Ditty verse and I'll handwrite it out all nice and sh*t for you and sign it.

Obviously, you'll also receive any previous tier benefits of your choosing. If you're really considering this type of monthly pledge, I cannot thank you enough. You are singlehandedly benefitting my freedom to achieve my artistic endeavors. I won't let you down!
  • Previous tier benefits
  • Exclusive Hoodie
  • Full library download access
  • Merchandise care package
  • Executive producer credit
  • Handwritten verse
Exclusive Hoodie
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My name is Jon Ditty. I'm a Rapper, Songwriter, and Artist from Dunedin, FL. This Patreon was conceived so that I could offer my fans access to exclusive content, goods and services, as well as provide a more intimate window into my creative process, in exchange for monthly contributions. Membership tiers are listed above.

As the number of patrons funding this campaign compiles, the more flexibility I'll have to dedicate time to my craft. In other words, with your recurring monetary benefaction, I am able to give YOU, the fan, a higher level of output on my end. It's both symbiotic, and a win-win situation for all of us. This Patreon is ever-evolving and will grow with the suggestions and cumulative backing from my audience. Know that no pledge is too small. Thank you for your support.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts
Audio release
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts
Audio release

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