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is creating a Revolutionary Hospital
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About Patch Adams

Our project is to build and fund a free hospital where any patient can go for treatment, regardless of money or insurance. Can you help us to do this?

I’m a doctor. When I was in medical school from 1967-71, I realized that the practice of medicine had somehow gone astray. The “care” of healthcare had disappeared, and with it the “health” too. Nowadays, I travel the world giving lectures, doing clown-work with others in mental asylums, orphanages, refugee camps, villages, and everywhere human suffering needs care. Everywhere I go, in the United States and abroad, I hear over and over again about miserable and terrible experiences people are having with “healthcare.”

I tell them it’s because care and health are no longer key ingredients of medicine.
That’s where you come in.

To build and run a free hospital, it needs ongoing, foundational support. That’s why every contribution, no matter how large or small, whether $5 or $5 million per month, adds up.

Your help on this project will not only show the world that such a hospital is real, but will add to the building of a haven where anyone (you, me, our family and friends) can get real care and real health from medicine when they need it.

Thank you!

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