Kat Harris is creating The Refined Collective Podcast

You Go Glen CoCo!

$5 /mo
I know--a Mean Girls reference.  I couldn't help it.  Thank you for loving me + supporting this project!

I'll Cheers to that!

$12 /mo
The average price of a glass of wine out is $12--so basically we're having a glass of wine together to celebrate The Refined Collective Podcast.  PS I love wine dates!

Come on Let's Hug it Out!

$19 /mo
I'm getting teary-eyed of just thinking of you believing in this project with me.  Don't be surprised if I tackle you with a slew of hugs the next time I see you.  Ok!?

You're a Unicorn.

$50 /mo
I knew they existed.  Bless you.

I think I love you.

$100 /mo
Actually I know I do. You have my word--I will serenade you with my favorite Justin Bieber song the next time I see you.

I believe in Miracles.

$1,000 /mo
Yes--that is a Preacher's Wife reference.  Gosh Whitney Houston belted it out in that song!  I would love to meet you, spend time with you, and personally thank you on-air for my Season One Podcast.