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About The Republic

We are passionate
We are passionate about you! The Republic was created as an environment to build community and growth within yourself. We understand that for some of us, it really isn't just a game. Gaming can be an escape, a sanctuary and even just an opportunity to accomplish and prove to yourself and those around you that you have greatness within you. The people make the community, and without the people we wouldn't have a reason to be here. We are dedicated to the individuals who are in our discord server. Whatever they need help with, even if it isn't gaming related, they can count on us. We want to grow and be able to help more and more people and it has come to the point where we can't do that without your help, and as much as we didn't want to ask, we do need it! We preach individuality and chasing your dreams. We want to enable people to chase their dreams and guide them on their journey to success, no matter the goal.

Tournaments are something we have done for a long time. We love bringing people together and seeing the competitiveness and the passion. The sweet taste of victory and the excitement and anticipation of battle. We want to enable people to test their skills against one another and be rewarded for it; that's why tournaments are important for us and that's why we need your help to fund them!

At The Republic, we understand that the most important aspect of coaching isn't just teaching, it's also guiding. Building a bond between teacher and student and guiding the student on a journey of self-discovery. Many people are anxious about coaching, especially if it is expensive, as they often don't know what to expect. We take away that anxiety but not only giving players a way to get coaching for free, but also to show them that they can learn things they never knew existed! Coaching is beneficial not only to the player, but also the coach. As a coach myself (I'm a volunteer football coach as well as coaching League of Legends), I understand the importance of Sports Psychology in the progression of an individual. When we coach, we aren't only coaching League, we are also coaching life, self discipline, consistency and tapping into your passion for motivation and a direction. Your donations will allow us to put in more time towards coaching and also pay some of our coaches to deliver top quality sessions with people in the community.

We want to give back! Our discord was built on the foundation of giving and your donations will allow us to do more giveaways and help people who are less fortunate! We hope to one day become a not-for-profit organisation with the power to enable young people to chase their dreams within the eSports industry. We are here for the players, we are here for the teams and we are here for the fans. We want to build grassroots eSports and make it as popular as traditional sports are today.

We love art! Whether it's graphic design, fan content or concept art, we love it! We want to find a way to help people create more content and really tap into that stream of creativity. We want to giveaway supplies, software and also build a space where artists can get feedback and ideas!

Many players get caught up in the competitiveness and being the best and forget how vital enjoyment is on that journey! At the end of the day, it's all about fun. We aim to create a fun and engaging community full of active members and to do this we need help. Our tournaments, giveaways and website are key to our vision and without your help we won't be able to bring them into fruition!

We want to build a website that will be a hub for players to grow not only as a player but also as an individual! We hope to integrate coaching, content creation, eSports and our community into one website which will be a huge help to anybody using it!

A small thank you in advance!
We want to thank you in advance for supporting us and being a part of our ever growing community of beautiful minds and brilliant people. You have greatness within you and we want to see it! You have helped us believe that our vision can become a reality in a world where everyone says it can't. We may be young, but the player is the future - no matter their age!

$0 of $10 per month
When we reach $10 per month we'll be able to afford a domain name for our website! Once we have this, we can begin work on it! (We will update goals accordingly)
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