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Local Government

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All members of local government get my everlasting gratitude. Thank you for supporting the streams and podcasts. Every donation goes a long way towards helping me reach my goals. All Patrons get a personal shoutout on a stream, video or podcast.
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State Government

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Every member of State Government gets my eternal gratitude. Your support is the key to allowing me to work on content for the community. All Patrons get shoutouts and personal thank you on stream, video or podcast.
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House of Representatives

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Entry in our House of Representatives gets you my eternal gratitude. Your support is the key to allowing me to work on content for the community. All Patrons get shoutouts and personal thank you on stream, video or podcast. 
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The Senate

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Entry into the Senate means you are amongst the elite. In addition to my eternal gratitude and a shoutout, your will name will be added to the end credits of my videos. On top of that, your continued support will get you an amazin' TRN coffee mug. 
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Exclusive Mug
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Our 'TRN' so that even liberals can show their support.

The White House

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This level of support puts you down in the history books. Your name will forever be a legend. In addition to the shoutout and your name in our video ending credits, this level of support also deserves some merch. Get your very own The Republican Nation tee shipped out to you as our way of saying thank you for your support!
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Our alternate logo on a navy tee. So, basically formal wear!

The Supreme Court

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This is the level of support of a crazy person. Your support means the world to me, so you get a lifetime appointment. You are going to look good in those robes. Obvs you get the shoutout and your name in the end credits. Continued support at this level will get you The Republican Nation hoodie (sorry, Patreon doesn't offer robes) that you can proudly wear in any weather.
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The Republican Nation hoodie? Florida level flex.




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About The Republican Nation

I'm so glad you made it to my Patreon page. My goal with Patreon is to earn enough money to allow me to produce content full-time. I have found that streaming and creating content for all of you is the most satisfying thing I have ever done. In addition to creating Youtube, Twitch and Facebook content, I want to build an amazing community that fosters healthy political debate for everyone. 

Just having you read though this means a lot to me. My content will hopefully always be free to everyone. If you enjoy the content and the cause and you can afford it, any donations or tips would be AMAZING. However, please don't ever feel like you have to be a Patron to be a part of our community. Times are tough, and I understand this. Honestly, if I wasn't hurting from loss of business due to COVID, I would not have even set up this page yet. I guess I don't feel like I have earned the right to ask you donations yet. If money is tight for you, please DO NOT donate to me. 

I have worked hard to create a space the welcomes people with all viewpoints. We might be The Republican Nation, but the content we make is for all Americans. I might see the world through a conservative lens, but I honestly want to learn from people who see the world differently. I am not one of those Republicans that can't change their mind or only spews talking points. I am also not a political expert. I am just the son of Cuban immigrants that wakes up every day happy and proud to be an American. I am an everyday American. My streams and videos reflect that. I cuss. I get mad. I get things wrong. But, I also listen. All I want is for all republicans, democrats, and everyone else to feel welcome in our community. 

My main goal with Patreon is to provide the income needed to dedicate all my time to; making better content, finding great guests for streams and videos, and build a community that respects free speech and fosters healthy debate. 

Whether you decide to donate or not, remember you will always be welcome in The Republican Nation community. 

Thank you taking the time to read this! It means the world to me that you are here. God bless you and God bless America!  

All Love,
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My goal is $3000, I promise you guys you wont be disappointed, I will continuously be working hard to make a better platform with great content. This will help me continue doing what i love to do and maintain my family. Thank you for the support.
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