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I will write a review for a film of your choosing every month on my blog. You will also have access to older videos (Top 10's, reviews etc.) I had to take off YouTube due to changing copyright rules. You get a credit in the review.
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Watching The Watcher!

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I will react to a short video of your choice (under 10 minutes), within reason of course. It could be your own video, an old movie trailer, a music video, whatever! You'll get a credit plus access to older videos.

One For The Gamers!

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I will record a Rant N' Play, my version of a Let's Play, where I play a game I've never played (or barely played) for a bit, commenting throughout, and you get to choose the game I play from a healthy list I'll post on here. You get a credit and access to older videos




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About TheRetroCritic


My name's Adam and my totally original alter-ego is TheRetroCritic (or sometimes Cablogula), I have been writing reviews of bad (or not-so-bad) movies and games, plus making videos for many years now but this has always been a "when I have the time" sort of hobby.

I love it but I would like to be able to do more as I have a lot of ideas that I haven't been able to make happen due to either a lack of time, funds or half-decent equipment. 

Anything you contribute will go into producing better, higher quality content more often.

Along with reviewing things, I enjoy talking movies on my podcast  The Big Rewind, which I would very much like to turn into a proper weekly show. With, like, a schedule and music and special guests and everything.

Some of what I do, like unscripted Vlogs where I talk at length about a movie or a TV show, is relatively inexpensive to produce so I would like to keep doing those and get you guys to request things for me to watch and talk about.

It would be very cool to dedicate more time to edited content as well, however. These are definitely the toughest videos to put together but also the most rewarding, I find, so I'd love to see those get released more often.

I enjoy compiling Top 10's and these happen to be the most popular content on my channel. They're easy enough to make but I would like to give the older ones a bit of a makeover as these tend to get copyright strikes which are... poo, as we all know. Let's make 'em look all slick and professional and not all copyrighty because, right now, it's like a racoon did them.

And not that cool space racoon that talks. The other ones.

Please note that both my YouTube channels have been demonetized for years so ANY help is hugely appreciated!

I enjoy doing Let's Plays (or Rant N' Plays) but it's a nightmare to capture PC game footage with my current setup so any help on that front would boost my gaming content by, if my calculations are correct, at least 1000%. I've got so many cool, obscure video games I wanna show ya but it's like squeezing milk out of a jalapeño (I have better jokes, promise (I know this is bad just bear with me ok pls pls pls)).

I'd like to work on more podcasts with different co-hosts, try some random stuff like parodies, music videos, maybe a comic book review show....


All this to say: I wanna make stuff! Good stuff. And I wanna make it for YOU!

Thank you for reading if you've made it this far. It really means a lot that you're at least willing to give me your eyeballs for like a few minutes. 

Again, anything you can contribute will help a great deal and I WILL love you (read: like you the normal not weird amount) forever (read: for a long time, probably).

$4.75 of $500 per month
This goal will allow me to upgrade to a proper website where you'll be able to find both my written and video content easier.
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