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Launching on youtube on Wednesday, March 25:

The RNL Show – Revolution, Nothing Less!

The new, weekly RNL Show is urgently needed to cut through the bullshit – not just what system does to us, but all the harmful ways of thinking among the people who most want and need radical change.

We launch as the world's people are threatened by the global coronavirus pandemic. The Coronavirus is a natural phenomena. But the lack of planning, the everyman-for-himself ethos, the way that immigrants in detention, prisoners, and oppressed people the world over will be hit the hardest is a product of the global system of capitalism-imperialism.

This pandemic not only makes it more important for us to connect virtually through this show. It makes it more important to build the movement for an actual revolution guided by Bob Avakian's new communism which this show is part of.

This show is about REVOLUTION – refusing to accept that a world where immigrants are hunted, Black people are shot like dogs in the streets, women are stalked by violence, unjust wars rage, and the planet burns. We won't throw around the word “revolution” as if it is a lifestyle or just for people inside America. We mean real revolution – the actual overthrow of the system of capitalism-imperialism and getting all of humanity free.

When you become a Patreon supporter of TheRevComs at any level, you make this it possible for us to bring you this show every week. You also join a community engaging with the hosts of the RNL Show and contributing to this mission.

Right now, lies proliferate, critical thinking and evidence-based-truth is assailed. The devastating cost of this is on vivid display every time Trump opens his mouth about Coronavirus. In contrast, we will follow the evidence wherever it takes and we will train our viewers to do the same. It's not just fascists like Fox “News” and Trump who have millions believing that “truth” is dependent on what they say. Campuses and “movements” foster their own ludicrous version of the same, declaring that each “identity group” has its “own truth.” This matters because, as Bob Avakian puts it, “The truth will not set us free, in and of itself, but we will not get free without the truth.”

The RNL Show will be hosted by Andy Zee and others from the National Get Organized for an Actual Revolution Tour, combining revolutionaries from the 1960s with young people, revolutionaries from the hard streets and others from elite campuses, people of different genders and nationalities who bring different experience and strengths to the mission we are on together. We'll be in the streets for this revolution and we'll be bringing it to a growing audience each week to learn from and contribute to.

At the heart of our show, we'll dig into and apply the new framework for human emancipation – the new communism – that has been forged by Bob Avakian, the most important thinker and leader on the planet today. We'll explore BA's recent works on topics like the differences Trump, Sanders, and actual socialism, to questions of law not only today but in a revolutionary future society. We'll dig into his decades-in-the-making body of work ranging from questions of science and strategy, to art and culture, to the Constitution he wrote for a new revolutionary state power on the road to human emancipation, and more.

We will interview artists, scientists, dreamers and fighters from many different perspectives to learn from, forge unity with, and struggle with over the way forward. We'll bring special segments like “American Crime” chronicling America's monstrous crimes and “Who Thought of This Shit? This Shit Is Unnecessary!” compelling people see things they had always accepted in a new light.

We will provide ongoing analysis of the Coronavirus Pandemic – from the science itself, to the crimes carried out by the Trump/Pence regime, to the impact on people worldwide, to the political struggles that are being – or need to be – waged against the system's response. And we'll bring alive and wrestle with how such a natural crisis would be handled in a radically different way with revolutionary state power as envisioned in The Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America, authored by Bob Avakian.

But to bring all this to you and millions more.

Funds are needed for cameras, lights, editing software, lots of disinfectant and soap, computers, travel, and more.

We are counting on YOU to become a Patreon supporter of our youtube channel.

Your monthly gift enables us to have reliable, monthly financial support so that we can focus our energies on producing incredible content, responding to key breaking events, pulling back the lens to show the bigger picture, showing where all this can and needs to go, and bringing you into the process.

Plus, when you become a Patreon supporter at any level, you immediately get behind-the-scenes access to regular “Ask Us Anything” videos we'll be doing and each Patreon level adds additional perks to show you how much we appreciate you becoming part of our team.

Look over all the levels and give at the highest level you can. You can also give a one-time gift here [link].

Then share it with your friends and ask them to do the same.

We promise to deliver content that breaks us all out of this nightmare of capitalism-imperialism in our thinking. Together with you, this will serve getting humanity out of this nightmare in reality.

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