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What do you get when you take three comedians and you let them run wild through history?

This was the question that started The Revisionists-a podcast that is equal parts comedy, history, and ever-evolving story.

We're Brian Flynn and Zach Powers, the producers and hosts of the show.

Each episode, we invite a guest from Denver's vibrant comedy scene to talk about a subject from history. One of us presents the official version of events, and then one of us gets to come up with an alternate history. We deliberate, and whichever story wins becomes the truth, which means that is has an impact and every story told after that.

Since we started the podcast in the summer of 2015, our reception has been so surprising and humbling. We're growing by hundreds of subscribers each month, and we love hearing from them. Now we're asking you to help us grow the show.

Here's what's on the table for us:
     LIVE SHOWS: On October 3rd, 2016, we organized "The Night of 1000 Podcasts", which brought together five of Denver's funniest podcasts for a live event. We have a green light to go ahead and do it again, but we don't want to stop with just one night. More live shows are in our future, as well as building a podcast festival for Denver!

     NEW EQUIPMENT: We know that the first thing you hear on the podcast is, well, what you hear. We want to bring you the best-sounding show we can. New microphones are called for, as well as new stands, stools, and other equipment for the recording space.

     VIDEO: We want to bring alternate history to you in all sorts of ways. Being able to deliver video content will allow us tell more stories and open up at least a dozen new joke possibilities. But this requires equipment, transportation, and editing.

     KEEP IT INDEPENDENT: Ultimately, we want the people keeping this show going to be the people who listen. You keep us going by letting us make you laugh every couple weeks, now if you have the means help us grow the show without having to find outside sponsors.

Thanks to all of you for listening.

Have a good time.

Brian and Zach
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts

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