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The Rich Solution is a company that embraces Empowerment, Community and Faith. The Rich Solution online community helps raise money for breast cancer research as well as fuel the passions of others like Gwen, who dare to turn their worst into their best! We recognize that Gwen's story is inspiring and has an influence on society and she wants to continue to share this information with our known community and the unknown online community of supporters we are building. Gwen wants to make a difference in this world by helping others. She uses her incurable cancer journey as the example and The 5% Solution as the system to help move you forward. The 5% Solution is a series of procedures. Here is where Gwen will share these methods and procedures with you. Whether it be our lively videos, audience-engaged podcasts, we are committed to impacting our community as the voice of the true fan.

We're thrilled with how much people enjoy our content, and really believe we can grow our channel and do amazing things in our community. Your support means the world to us, and Patreon offers a way to grow that support. Fans like you can pledge a dollar amount of your choice towards our content, and in return receive some rewards.

Your money goes towards the production, recording, and other costs associated with keeping our channel running. It also gives us the flexibility to work on other projects and branch out into new areas.

We sincerely believe in what we do, and hope you believe in it as well. Our aim is to build a community here of our most dedicated supporters, who will grow with us and help shape the future of our channel. We take your feedback to heart, and want to engage with you every step along the way. Check out the rewards listed below to find out how we can work together to create more empowerment and luck in every area of your life!

After being diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer, Gwen was given a dire expiration date. Rather than abandon hope, Gwen took the news as a challenge. She finally knew what was wrong after so many years of misdiagnoses and incorrect information. Gwen could finally take actions to survive. Not only survive, but thrive. Since learning the truth about her condition, and creating a system of improving her health, mindset and relations – of living life to the fullest – she has become a survivor. In fact, Gwen is one of the only 25% of people with her particular cancer who have lived well beyond their expiration date.
Gwen's goal – her mission! – is to share with others the solutions that have worked for her. It doesn't matter if you're healthy or not – you can always improve your situation and make your own luck through a series of calculated actions and smart behaviors.

You can always improve your luck through doing what Gwen has done to make her life rich with possibility and happiness.

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My third goal is to reach 20 patrons who are at the $100 pay tier. At this level I will be able to continue my efforts to raise money for breast cancer research. At this level I will donate 100% of the gross total each month to breast cancer.
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