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is creating a Vehicle for Merging into Oneness
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About The Road hOMe

Aloha (To Love is to Share the Breath of Life) & E Como Mai (Welcome)!!!

Thank you for supporting The Road hOMe in creating a Vehicle for Merging into Oneness!  The Road hOMe is a sacred, supported container in which to share our experiences with One another.  By giving and receiving this information, we expand our consciousness.  Here at The Road Home, we know that we ALL know... And that sometimes we ALL forget.  Thus as we come together, each One of us brings forward another piece of the puzzle to be reMembered.  As a Member of this commUnity, your experience is not only cherished, but vital and necessary!  It does not matter where in the journey we are-- simply who and what.  Who are you?  What are you bringing forward to be experienced/ felt/ known/ reMembered?

Are you curious about, interested in, or would you LOVE to be a part of this expanding commUnity?  If your answer is YES, then hop on in!!!!  Join us on this wild ride, as we journey The Road hOMe together-- hOMe to WHO WE REALLY ARE.  As our Patron and a Member of The Road hOMe, you will receive the opportUnity to access to our private Facebook group, livestreams, ZOOM conference video/calls, Integration Experiences, private one-on-one ZOOM video/calls, and a personalized THANK YOU from us to you!!!

One of the financial costs associated with cocreating The Road hOMe includes the salary of "The One Holding Space"-- yours truly, me!  My salary goes towards ensuring that my needs (and the needs of my children) are all met, and that we are more than financially abundant to make all of our dreams, visions, and prayers come True.  As we live our purpose, we support you ALL in living yours!  We hold the vision of financially supporting all of our Members-- that we may all BE who we truly ARE-- and live on purpose together!

Sat Nam
I AM that I AM
In Lak'ech Ala K'in
In Love & Gratitude
Simona, Maya Luna, Akala

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My first goal is to cover the costs of physically traveling The Road hOMe-- so that we can Cocreate with new environments, people, nature, and other beings on this journey.  This would cover costs such as gas, tolls, & camping/RV site fees.
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