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About TheRocketryShow.Com

Thanks for stopping by the Patreon page for The Rocketry Show!

Who are we?

The Rocketry Show is a podcast program started by Cornelius Gould in 2014, and is presented by him (as CG), and the dedicated hosts, “Gheem” and Daniel, The Rocket n00b. They bring their passion for hobby rocketry to the table, and present what we hope are thoughtful but lively discussions about the Model & High Power rocketry scene, along with great guests & experts to speak on the many subjects surrounding the hobby.

A short history

Construction of the show began in 2010 when CG became a “Born Again Rocketeer” (BAR). Being a longtime Broadcast Technician, and an avid fan of Talk Radio, he wondered if there was a podcast on the hobby he could listen to. A quick check showed that there was none. He thought:” Hmm…I can do this”, and the idea was born. The domain and website were set up shortly after, and CG set out figuring out what would be on this program once he moved forward.

In the summer of 2014, he met Jim Seibyl, who is also known by his nick name “Gheem”. The two got along, and before too long, CG offered Gheem the co-host spot on this experimental venture, to which Jim enthusiastically agreed to hop on board.

In October 2014, the first show launched – though it wasn’t meant to be more than a technology test. The chemistry was obviously there, and CG felt it was good enough to go ahead to post as the pilot episode.

From there, the show was quickly accepted by the “net savvy” of the rocketry hobbyists, and CG had a runaway success happening. Since the start, we’ve tried many things, and a major part of it is being able to cover major (National and some regional) rocketry events for listeners who are unable to go to these, and to try to bring the experience back to each of their workshops to listen to while they build and / or prep their own rockets for flights near them.

Our goal

And that last paragraph sums up what we are trying to do with the show. To provide you a fun and upbeat companion to the hobby. One you can count on to pass the time away while you work on mundane tasks in the workshop!

We have done coverage of LDRS 34, and with the generous help of a couple of our sponsors, provided coverage of NARCON 2016.

We would like to do more of this kind of coverage, as well as being able to grow the show, and add more social media tools to allow listener interactions with us during the show. To this end, we will be experimenting with live shows, where Patrons will have advanced notice of said programs.

Your pledges will also help to grow the program, and (our wish) allow us to afford to get out and cover more National and Regional events. Your help, along with the support of vendors who believe in the program enough to donate funds along with you will help to get us there.

At the moment, there is only one level of support, and at this level, we suggest a donation of as little as a dollar or two per show, or as much as you feel the program is worth to you.

There will be other levels of support emerging in the months to come, where we will offer different “perks” for donations above $15.00 or so per show each month. If you are a member who is already contributing at that level, you will be “grandfathered in”, and receive the appropriate reward for your amount when we start up the rewards program as a special “thanks!”

Thanks for the patrons who have contributed to date, and here is looking to a great future of great hobby rocketry programs!

100% complete
$250.00 each month is our 2016 / 2017 operating goal.  You can help us make this goal by donating just $2.00 or so for each episode we post each month!  

We think a balanced approach of listener and hobby vendor support is a way to go for the type of show we do, and the show you've come to enjoy!  Now, let's see if we can kick it up a notch!  

Kindest Regards,
The Rocketry Show team
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