THE ROGUE PIANIST ~ Kimberly StarKey is creating Unique Musical Experiences to Enhance the Soul

The Toy Piano

$1 /mo
Newest Release Access - Digital

The Upright Piano

$5 /mo
All Music Access - Digital

The Grand Piano

$10 /mo
All Music Access - Digital and Physical CDs 

The Symphony

$15 /mo
Sponsorship Program (Includes "All Music Deluxe - Digital and Physical CDs", Quarterly Progress Report, and Sponsorship Credits on All Printed Material)

Royalty-Free Piano Tracks

$25 /mo
Unlimited Royalty-Free Kimberly StarKey (The Rogue Pianist) Piano Tracks for Singers, Producers, Storytellers, Dancers, Poets, Gamers, and or other Creatives.  

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*New: Founder Sponsor: Rogue Youth Talent Project

$100 /mo
Recording, Producing & Workshops for youth composers, songwriters, and spoken word poets of the Rogue Valley. All proceeds of their work will be donated to a Rogue Valley Charity.


Executive Sponsorship: Custom contract developed via email

$100 /mo