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About The Runaway Four

Hey kids!

We’ve been making and performing massive amounts of video game medleys for the better part of 5 years now. Always focused on expanding our live repertoire, we somehow managed to cover over 350 different songs (that’s like learning 70 songs every year) and have built up a daunting backlog of arrangements that need recording for your enjoyment as well as our own posterity.

That’s what this Patreon is all about. After the success of our latest live album, Live from the Overworld, The Runaway Four have three EPs in alpha and are near ready to hit the studio and record for beta testing. With your support, we can take each release to its final form with professional mixing and mastering, incredible art and even a music video or two.

If you’re into our style, consider donating a buck to show you care and to gain access to our Patreon feed for a peek behind the scenes, or if you’re REALLY into what we do, look into some of our higher reward tiers and pledge what you’re comfortable with. Your support is greatly appreciated!


Allan, Chris, Chris and Josh

How your support helps us:

The Runaway Four has always been a passion project. It doesn’t sustain any of us financially and we all take day jobs to get by. First and foremost, your pledge takes the pressure off our own lives knowing that we aren’t pouring our hearts, souls and wallets out completely. It also speeds up our processes by ensuring we are able to afford production costs up front.

We love our Vancouver video game scene and strive to hire other local artists, such as graphic designers, illustrators, videographers and sound engineers, to collaborate with on our projects. When you pledge to our Patreon you’re not only supporting us, you’re supporting other Vancouver artists and helping us build a larger, stronger, and healthier scene for video game fandom.

Thank you so much for visiting our Patreon, and extra thanks to all our supporters! We really, really can’t imagine doing this without you!
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Album Credits!

You're not afraid to make it on your own, and you're not afraid to shuck a few extra bucks! You get an actual thanks from the band in the album credits, with your name in it and everything.

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Cute Li'l UFO
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$526 of $1,100 per album
Our second goal is to cover the sound production with professional mixing and mastering, getting that triple-A quality mix to give you the best listening experience we can.
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