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I was told by my Dad at a very young age that I was to stupid to do things. As a result I had no chores to speak of, not because i was spoiled, but because i was not intelligent enough to accomplish the tasks. Fast forward to my 20's and I was a Train Wreck. No self confidence, low self esteem, thinking McDonald's was a s good as it would ever get for me.
Fast forward to now. I have 5 sons, I have been happily married almost 23 years, and I recently retired from 24 years in the National Guard, with two tours to Iraq.
I still have a long way to go as far as my self esteem goes, but i am not a train wreck anymore.
I never want a Christian Male to feel powerless ever. I want to help them remove the sedation in their lives and return to power (not dictatorship). Within their families, their congregations, and their communities. I want them to know and to feel that God never put anything on this earth (outside of His own Son) more powerful then Christians who have the indwelling presence of the Spirit.
We are reborn Victorious.
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