The Seedbed

is creating a place to display the community's artwork and social activities
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Supporters Appreciated!
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Thanks so much for dropping anything and sending the message that you like seeing art shared and exchanged in the community.

Supporters Apreciated
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Again, thank you for the support. In addition to the gratitude, you are offered equivalent time credits for renting the space.  Space rental starts as $25/hr

Greatly Apreciative
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Credits for using the space at a discounted rate of $20/hr, which gives you one-hour of space time every other month.
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About The Seedbed

The Seedbed is supporting the local art & activities community with space to publicly display artwork, create artwork during art parties or host activities that help the mind, body, soul or environment blossom.

Window Art:

Every month or two there will be a new art display from one or many artists in the main front window. Seedbed will try to vary the type and feel of each art cycle to give the community an enticing and engaging sense of interaction and communication.


Art parties are organized by The Seedbed and happen here about every month. The space also plays host to activities organized by third parties, such as Yoga, Massage, Community Circles and all sorts of other inventive engaging events by our highly creative community.

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