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You sweat, you toil, you smell of dung, but hey at least you're not a Serf.

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About The Serfs

To currently produce the Serfs we both work our regular day jobs and then work full time on the show directly after (usually about 16-17 hour days). If you enjoy what we do and want to be a part of seeing in grow into the fantastic beast it's currently developing into please join us on the ride. 

Our story is a boring one...

We're two indentured plebs who give their spin on the pale blue dot. It started as a cathartic experiment and blossomed into a awardless winning podcast that the Guardian called: "Stop calling us for a quote we have no idea who you are!". Eventually it morphed into a YouTube channel where it has grown to become a backyard phenomenon. 

If our credentials are worth mentioning at all, much like Sebastian Gorka we preferred to be called doctors. However just like Sebastian Gorka we are not real doctors. We're a pair of University graduates in English Literature and dropping out respectively. 

We produce The Serfs in the hope of entertaining as well as informing the general public about the beautiful disaster that surrounds them. We're entertainers who pretend to be historians, which is slightly better than historians who pretend to be taint. 

By joining the Serfs you become part of the lower class. You are better than the feces you clean but below most other casts. There is some solace in numbers though. Grow with us like the transmittable disease we are and we promise you won't soon be cured.
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