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About These Rolling Waves

Hi! We're Liv and Matt and we live and work on our 40ft narrowboat in the UK. We run a website, make videos, take photos and generally write about narrowboating and we hope you enjoy reading about all the mistakes we make so that you can avoid making them too! 

We want everyone interested in narrowboats to find something useful or entertaining from what we do whether you've been living aboard and constantly cruising for 40 years, holidaying every weekend on your boat in a marina or are just dreaming about one day owning your very own 40ft rusty boat like us!

As well as taking pictures and recording videos of what we do we're also trying to learn how to make a sustainable website so that we can continue to be able to produce more content and of a higher quality. It's our dream to be able to run our website without it costing us a fortune to do so and so that's why your help as a Patron would be great!

Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy all of the special content and extras we have for you here on Patreon.
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