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Mental health is killing people. Depression, Suicide and self harm is rife in our young, and in our old.  For teh last 4 years i have filmed my recovery using music, I became known as The Shed Singer and i have used my music videos to encourage people to reach out, i have travelled up and down the nation at my own expense and spend around 10 hours per day taling, replying to messages etc. I sing for the lost, the lonely, i show people that i am your friend. I will come to you. I sing for you. I invite you to be involved. I spread messages of support & Positivity 7 my followers intervene, and save people, we have put people together and formed strong friendships all across the UK and i am looking to be able to fund my work as i have speant all my own personal savings over the last 4 years on equiptment, time , travel and donations, gifts. But we are are changing lives for the better and i really want to carry on doing so. With your help we can make life a better experience for many.
I am even planning a possible project "Shed Vegas"
with the mission to show people that although i almost lost my life, i decided life was worth it and i went from a shed to sing a song in Vegas.
Showing that you can still get to your dream if you fight for it and if you allow us to guide you. Open up.
Its ok not to be ok.
I know, i was that person.
 I have sat with parents who have just lost their daughter, i have sat with lonely housebound retired people, i have seen more than i was prepared for. Its my mission to change things
Help me in any way you can, I am one man.

Kindest Regards.
The Shed Singer

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