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    Each Overworld sheet will come with a Front, Side and Back view, as well as their walk cycles for each perspective. These don't take long to make but can be delayed slightly depending on the detail as well as general demand.

    Customer Satisfaction guaranteed so if there's any issues or tweeks you want made just let me know and I'll do my best to make it to your liking.




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About Jeremy Sears

What is The Silver League?
The Silver League is an online Pokemon community with a focus on legitimate play, our website is a fully functional league complete with Gym Leaders, an Elite Four, training/breeding guides, monthly tournaments and several active chats/forums filled with dedicated fans. There's something for almost every kind of Pokemon/Nintendo fan and everyone is welcome!

What Is The Silver League Networks?
Our Youtube Channel is where we produce a variety of videos, Top 10s, Wifi Battles, Tutorials, vlogs, Lets Plays and of course Pixel Art In Review. Much like the website the channel primary has as focus on Pokemon, but if it peaks our interest we'll take a lot of just about any other game, whether its another Nintendo series like Fire Emblem or big multiplayer streams for games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe & Splatoon 2! Our channel covers a lot of subjects as it is but we've love to do even more!

What is our goal on Patreon?
A big goal of the SL Patreon is to help fund projects that demand a lot of time to produce from a writing, editing and even an acting perspective. Animated features like the Anniversary specials, skits in Pixel Art in Review and the 2nd Ginune Pokemon War can normally take time away from other projects that'd play nicer with Youtube's Adsense program so the extra income helps balance the budget to make such animated endeavors possible while remaining profitable!

On top of that support from Patreon goes towards projects that may not see ANY financial gain at all. Being a channel that covers mostly Nintendo related IPs means a lot of our content is subject to claims that'd prevent ANY sort of revenue. So on top of SL Game Time Streams which will NEVER see any Adsense revenue, it also opens the door for Lets Plays and coverage of other things like anime reviews/covers that may or may not see a cent of profit.

Additionally, our goal is expanding. The proceeds of your support goes towards things like new equipment, better microphones, capture cards or even replacements if we ever find ourselves in a situation where suddenly say...our 3DS capture just breaks on us! Patreon support ensures the rainy-day fund for such an expanse can be made right away and not put a delay towards any of our tournaments, or Lets Plays! But its not just technology, it'll also help cover travel expenses for things like the now annual SL Gatherings at ConBravo! 

Your money is being considered and used wisely. I always try to be very methodical when it comes to budgeting out any money I earn and thinking long term about the pending future in case anything suddenly changed. If you want to see SL & SLN grow then please feel free to show your support, every penny will go a long way and I promise to not let any of you down!
$338 of $500 per month
SL Animated Shorts / Animated series - This is a biggie, because animation takes a lot of time and energy... not just from myself but others as well. thee money involved to reach this milestone would cover personal expenses, so no matter how much focus I out into the animations, I'll still afford the roof over my head. But it will also cover properly paid voice acting, since I will get particular with line delivery and mic quality, so being able to pay my friends to voice act will go a long way into making a better final product.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 21 exclusive posts
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