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This tier is more for fans of Sims 1 who want to help keep the site's archive of TS1 content up and running in the unforeseeable future. Benefits include:
  • More frequent updates and content at The Sims, particularly Sims 1-related.
  • Guarantee that site will never go dark.

  • Patron-only community
  • General Support
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This tier is more for people who want to show support for my Create a World Sims 3. Benefits include:

  • More updates and content for The Sims, particularly for TS3.
  • Even more detailed photos and videos of my latest TS3 Create a World WIPs than at my blog,
  • Patron-only community
  • Work-in-progress/Behind-the-scenes
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  • More updates and content for The Sims
  • Get even more detailed photos and videos of my latest TS3 Create a World WIPs than at my blog,
  • Get early access to worlds I am building for The Sims 3, in the form of house and community lots that you can download and preview before I officially release the world. 
  • Patron-only community
  • Work-in-progress/Behind-the-scenes
  • Early access to content




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Hi! This is ts1depot, manager of The Sims, where I host archived files for The Sims 1, as well as build worlds for The Sims 3 in Create a World. I have three reasons for starting up a Patreon:

Someone Asked Me!

Yes, believe it or not, someone asked me in the guestbook if they could donate. At first I set up a Paypal button but I'm guessing people don't like Paypal, so here I am at Patreon.

To Help Keep The Sims Up and Running

Once upon a time, I used to be able to cover the costs of hosting The Sims with Google Adsense but that ad revenue has dried up to next to nothing over the past several years, so I am basically paying out of pocket. If you'd like to help contribute to the site, please become a patron. 

To Put EA to Shame (and Show Your Support for Volunteer Devs Like Me!)

People have been asking me to keep creating new worlds for Sims 3. I positively love world building; it's all I pretty much do in TS3. The problem is that it's so time consuming (worlds for me take a minimum of 100 hours, tops) and I can't in good conscience keep doing this without being compensated.

It's not so much about the money but not liking the idea that EA has basically been using Sims modders and builders as volunteer devs to produce content for the game without recognition or compensation. So, by putting up a Patreon, I am hoping that anyone who feels the same wouldn't like to contribute a little something as a show of appreciation if they really and truly feel that my mods or builds have really added to their game. 

Feel Free to Quit at Any Time

I only put up this Patreon so people can donate a little something, so even if you sign up for one month to show your support, that's A-OK. Don't feel obligated to continue subscribing if you don't feel like it anymore; it's all about showing some support, regardless of whether it's a one-time shot or not.

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