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About The Skook Recovers

The Skook Recovers is a grassroots inspirational & activity based recovery project inside of Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania.  Our social media, live broadcasts, website and overall project is inspired by Schuylkill County communities, including people in recovery, families affected by addiction and those who want to become involved in positive change.  We are owned and operated by people in recovery.

We are using Patreon to help fund specific goals.  Currently our biggest goal is to create an audio/visual drug education/prevention program to be presented free of charge in all schools across Schuylkill county. 

We understand the great need to inspire our youth to pursue their greatest potential drug and alcohol free.  We intend to show them how this can be better achieved without introducing mind or mood chemicals into their bodies and their lives.  

As adults, connecting with our youth can often be challenging and mysterious.  For our presentation we going to get on their level and meet them where they are.  We are going to attempt to tap into their human spirit by designing a message full of knowledge, awareness, inspiration, hope, and excitement.  We will involve enthusiastic members of our recovery community who are willing to play a role in sharing this designed message.  We seek to purchase equipment and technology to impact the students in way that will make our message stick for when they need it most.

We plan to use the money generated from Patreon to purchase high quality equipment that we can transport easily. This includes an LED Display Wall, Sound System, Lighting Rig, Microphones and Laptop/Tablet.

With your help we can strengthen young minds for what may be a challenging future. 

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