Paula R. Stiles

Paula R. Stiles

local ghost stories, Supernatural reviews and family recipes.

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About Paula R. Stiles

Who am I?
I'm a globe-trotting speculative fiction writer, editor and historian, currently based in North Carolina. I received the World Fantasy Award in 2016 for co-editing the first-ever all-woman Lovecraft anthology, She Walks in Shadows, with fellow Patreon maven Silvia Moreno-Garcia. I won the Writers of the Future contest for my hard SF novelette, "Snakes and Ladders." I also was a finalist in the Pagan Fiction Award for my short story "Seabird."

I have a medieval history PhD from the University of St Andrews in Scotland. It's about the Knights Templar and their associates in Spain. In it, I not-so-tangentially argue that the Templars were not, in fact, either xenophobes or antisemites, since they had both Jewish and Muslim associates working for and with them. You can find it here.

I'm a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer who was an Aquaculture Extension Agent in Cameroon, West Africa.

Also, I'm an avid scuba diver and I'm addicted to true crime shows.

Currently, I am the proud monarch of a clowder of cats. My farty old dog crossed the Rainbow Bridge in May. We all miss you, Freebie.

My projects
I'm currently working on a book about legends surrounding the Devil in North Carolina, my season two guide for Supernatural, and a family recipe book by/for my mother.

I've been researching folklore in Eastern North Carolina for years.

Help me keep the lights on, and feed the kitties while I finish these projects.

What you get if you contribute
Signed books, my expertise as an editor and copy writer, monthly spooky ghost stories, cute cat photos, and my eternal thanks!

I have every intention of making you proud and paying it forward by helping you out with your own writing.

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