The Sonya Looney Show is creating Podcast

Casual: like the cost of one coffee per month!

$4 /mo
The basics!  This is the entry level tier that is just one dollar per episode.  

Goodies x 1

$10 /mo

  • Everything above +....
  • Sticker package after 2 months 

Even better goodies

$25 /mo
  • Everything Above +...
  • My own custom water bottle after 2 months

Personalized Email Q&A

$50 /mo
  • Everything Above +.....
  • One personalized email per month answering 3 specific questions you have about training, nutrition, travel, or lifestyle. 

A Postcard from me

$80 /mo
  • Everything above +...
  • A handwritten postcard from me (after 2 months)

The Works

$200 /mo
  • Select 2 products from above (stickers, water bottle, postcard)
  • Personalized Email Q&A
  • One 20 minute video chat per month to talk about anything you like