Matt Fowler

is creating Space Ward, a scifi space audiodrama
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About Matt Fowler

What is Space Ward?
Space Ward is an epic neo-noir audio drama about survivors of a massive space attack... in therapy - like a cross between Mass Effect and In Treatment. I've loved sci-fi for a long time and after becoming obsessed with podcasts like The Bright Sessions, Girl in Space, and The Adventure Zone, etc. and producing a bunch of short films, I finally felt compelled to sit down and write my own audio drama. We have some incredible talent on board many of whom I met while working on Dynasty Warriors 9 for Koei Tecmo.

Why make a Patreon?
I am constantly striving to bring our audience better, longer content - this requires better sound equipment, more actors, a sound producer, etc. I want to make sure that everyone gets paid fairly for their incredible work. As I'm not being paid to make the podcast, this is something that I dedicate all of my free time to. The more money we get for the podcast, the more time I can spend on it, which means more stories for you all to listen to.

Who is making this?
Matt Fowler is an Actor, Producer, and Director from Los Angeles, CA. His recent screen credits include appearances in projects for The FOX Filmmakers Lab, YouTube Red, Oxygen, NBCUniversal, Investigation Discovery, and TruTV just to name a few. Recent voice over credits include Dynasty Warriors 9 from Koei Tecmo, and the Netflix Original animated film Flavors of Youth.

Behind the scenes Matt recently co-directed the English dub of the Netflix Original series Cocaine Coast. His last film DARLA premiered at Shriekfest Film Festival in Hollywood and was voted Final 10 at the 6th Sense Horror Festival in Mumbai.

So take a listen to the podcast, check out our rewards, and consider becoming a Patron!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 22 exclusive posts
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