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We are launching this Patreon campaign to give our audience a better way to contribute to the show on an ongoing basis. If you value what we do, this a very simple, very easy way for you to help keep The Spiel in production.

The Spiel is a show covering the world of board and card games since 2006. Stephen Conway is the creator and Doug Richardson is his co-host. The Spiel also has a team of contributors including Beth Heile, John Knoerzer, Miklos Fitch, Starla Fitch and Maggi Cottrell.

Our primary broadcast medium is audio but we also produce documentary films like Made for Play

Episodes 1-300 feature the original Spiel team (with co-host David Coleson). Explore our episode archive for hundreds of hours of content!

In 2016, Stephen accepted a promotion to the rank of Major Fun. Major Fun is an internationally recognized award for kids and family games created by Bernie DeKoven.

As a result, The Spiel and Major Fun have joined forces moving forward!

This combined force now features 30 in-depth game reviews each season. The season is divided into 2 parts: February - June and August - December.

Each month, we release 3 game reviews. Two audio reviews are released at the beginning of the month and one written review is posted to the site in the middle of the month.

Each game featured is the recipient of an award: Major Fun or the Spiel of Approval.

Major Fun games are games geared toward kids and families or parties.

Spiel of Approval games are games that feature more complexity and depth: medium to heavy weight strategy games.

These awards are badges of quality. We play many games but only a select few earn this distinction. Publishers can include the award seal/graphic on the game box.

In addition to game reviews, The Spiel records interviews with designers, publishers and artists at the largest game conventions in the world: GenCon and Essen.

From 2011-2015, we released dozens of short interviews focusing on new releases at each game fair.

Starting in 2016, our coverage will focus on roundtable discussions - each one on a specific topic, featuring an interesting mix of movers and shakers in the game industry.

Have a listen. I hope you'll be inspired to find a friend and play!

I believe big things can be built from small acts of generosity and support. Your patronage doesn’t need to be extravagant to have a significant and lasting impact. Brick by brick - ambitious, creative projects can be built. And each of you can help us build it.

Monthly pledge levels range from $2 - 20 with rewards and milestones that encourage participation (you could be the next Game Sommelier or even help us select an award winning game), plus additional content, discounts, and small tokens of our appreciation in the form of custom Spiel dice. 

If you have already contributed, THANK YOU!

If you haven’t, you can show your support for The Spiel by pledging now!
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If we reach this level, we'll livestream one of our play sessions from the padded cell every other month.
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