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You'll get to see all the stuff I don't post anywhere else! Work In Progress photos of surprise projects for my Youtube Channel, and so forth. This means Builds, Songs, Albums, etc. All the good stuff!

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You get to download the final versions of Songs, Albums, and even the music I cover on my channel! Not to mention the stems from certain tracks!

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At a certain point there will be things that are far too important to tell everyone, such as big plans that aren't 100% set, but I still want to talk about, and 'Announce'. This TIer of support will get you in on that! Voice memos, Text, Photos, Etc.




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About The Stockyard

Fighting for my future.

I've always been a very creative person who was insanely driven by Passion, and Self expression. This first started out with DIgital/Traditional art, and I did this for a long time before realizing that it really didn't feel like it was what I truly wanted for myself.

Despite the fact that I was starting to build an audience that would fuel a graphic design business in the future, it still didn't feel right to me. So I started experimenting with other types of creativity such as Woodworking, Photography, and the like. But one day I decided to do something that my mom did when she was younger. And that was to pick up a guitar for my first time.

This meant that I had to buy one. Thankfully by the time I was 16 my Mom had realized that I was super interested in music like she was when she was younger, and so she bought me a bass guitar. I had to sell that bass guitar a year ago to cover bills which. It really sucked, and I definitely miss it. It was a barracuda P-Bass.

I stuck with music for the last 7-9 years and it only makes me realize more and more that this is what I was meant to do. But over the last few months I've realized that I don't only want to write music, and collect Instruments. I also want to start a business recording other people's music, and also creating instruments that have my own personal touch to them.

As I said before I've always been driven by Passion, Expression and Crazy ideas that I've never had The Bravery to try. But I think this year, in 2019, it's time that I pushed toward something I've wanted for such a long time. I've always told myself I would never be able to do it, and built a wall around myself.

I created this Patreon so that those who believe in me, could do more to try and help me move forward if they wanted to. And that doesn't necessarily mean giving me money monthly by becoming a patron. Kind words, Watching my videos, liking them, sharing them, and my posts here on patreon also count.

I wanted to make this patreon so that people had the option to help me out financially at this early point in my life where money is a struggle when it comes to big expensive projects. Money has always been the one thing that held me back from doing stuff and it was always the excuse I used to convince myself not to do something that I really wanted to do.

Regardless of how my financial situation goes for next 2-5 years, I hope that my dreams can be realized. In fact, I don't hope. I'm going to make my dreams happen, no matter the cost, even if it tears me down day after day. Because I know that one day I will reach the dream I've been reaching toward for so long, and then I'll take the time to breath and recovered from the journey.

I am The 3rd Tausk, and I am never giving up.
Not this time.
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WIth this amount of extra money, I could really turn this studio into a crazy awesome space! So much better content too!
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