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Friends and fans all over the world, welcome to our Patreon page! In this day and age, it's becoming increasingly possible for us musicians to connect directly with you, our audience, worldwide. With the connecting power of the internet, there's no real need any more for middle-men and companies making a profit from distributing our music to all of you. So we've decided to publish our music online for free, and in exchange would like to ask for your voluntary donations off this website.

Through Patreon, you will be able to pledge a certain amount of money per song that we publish to help support our career as songwriters and recording artists. Each time we upload a new song we will receive your voluntary donations which we will then reinvest in what we love doing best: Writing and recording new songs for you. Having had the opportunity  of taking our music to so many countries over the last few years, we also thought that this could be an interesting way to pool all of you together into our own little Strange-sound global community. If you appreciate and enjoy the music that we make and would like to support us directly and meaningfully, here's a simple and effective way to allow us to keep on making new songs regularly for you all.

So...Are you Strange too?

Love, Sala & Kjetil.

(PS Just in case we go on a crazy song-recording spree, you can put a monthly limit on your pledges)
$59 of $200 per Song
Once we reach the 200$ mark, we will be able to cover basic costs to start recording and then releasing new songs for you all!
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