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Scientists have long hypothesised about the possibility of Stupidity to this degree, but after years of study, have been unable to produce it under lab conditions.
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For you are Stupendous.

And history shall know your name.

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Hello! I'm The Stupendium aka Greg Holgate. I'm a YouTuber making nerdy music, videos and animation, plus occasionally other gaming and pop culture content - but if you're here you probably knew that already!
This past year has been an absolute roller coaster for me and the channel. From a handful of subscribers consisting predominantly of my family members asking, 'How is that video thing going?' every Christmas, we've grown to an awesome community of 100,000! I'm absolutely blown away by all the love and support I've received over the past year and I can't wait to see where we go next!


Lots of people have reached out to me to ask if there is some way they can support me, so I think Patreon is a great next step on our big internet adventure together... Did you pack snacks?
Patreon is an awesome way for folks to support folks like me creating content for folks like you! (NOTE: I do NOT make folk music.) 
Your patronage will help cover costs such as props, costumes, equipment and guest talent to help make exciting new content for the channel! Ultimately, you will help me move towards leaving my day job making less fun videos about the finer workings of insurance infrastructure and how not to fall from oil rigs, into making fun videos about fun things for you guys full-time!
There's a bunch of cool tiers to choose from, with some great rewards that aren't available anywhere else! We've got behind the scenes sneak peeks, high quality music files and high resolution art assets from my videos and animations! 
Thank you so much for reading this far and for all the support you've given me and my content, whether you're able to patronise or not. There's an amazing Stupendium community out there and I want to thank every one of you.

The Stupendium
$1,233 of $2,000 per month

Whoa, whoa, guys. Calm down! What am I gonna do with all this money? I guess I'll just have to give some away.... to an editor!
At $2000 a month I'd be able to take on someone to help me work on my videos, increasing their frequency and quality.
Also, giving me time to work on other projects outside of just nerdy music and videos, things like an original album, film making and other cool things to grow the Stupendium into the entertainment powerhouse it was clearly destined to be.

At $5000 we will be able to fund a therapist to address my ego.
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