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Up To Date, April 2020: Well, now we're in the middle of a global pandemic! I'm not the only one to loose my job outright and unfortunately cancel all of my upcoming gigs surrounding the EP release in April. So! Patreon has now become my lifeline to survive financially and continue to create music with hard work while I isolate at home - good news, I plan to finish a new full length album soon! If you can afford it, please consider supporting me on any level, and here is my original description as for my pursuit of Patreon (pre-pandemic!):

Hey, this is Kaleb Hikele from The Sun Harmonic, est. 2009. Patreon is helping artists survive and share their art around the world. I am using this as my channel for one-on-one connection between my music and listeners, part of a new long term plan to share my private collection of original music in a more personal fashion. I'm releasing 40 unheard song demos recorded in my home studio, one at a time per month, from now until Spring 2023 and beyond! What an adventure. Will you join us?

I'll let you listen to my new studio albums weeks before they're released - good timing, I have two albums coming in 2020 alone! In my 11th year as The Sun Harmonic I am dedicating more of my time and working life to my studio work, to get ongoing projects out to the world sooner and new projects started "while the iron is hot" so to speak.

When I started recording music in 2004, MySpace prevailed and streaming was only an idea, handmade CD's from my highschool locker were my main concern to share my music. Now fast forward to the 2020's and I'm wanting to metaphorically share my music straight out of my locker to my friends in the hall, so I'll be using Patreon as a portal to make direct connections to folks who are supporting my creation process and listening along the way.

In 2015 I was hit with an onset of chronic strain disorder in my wrists and it took 3 years to get myself back on track. In 2019 I released two songs and toured for the first time in half a decade. In 2020, I plan on releasing 16 studio recordings, 4 live albums and 12 demos. I'm "living the dream" that I was afraid I would lose all those years ago, but I do need help along the way to continue to survive in this harsh artistic climate.

You're invited to follow along and be a part of the process, feedback and requests for insight and Q&A are welcome. I'm in it for the long run, I hope you are too! Thanks for listening. Lots of love, sincerely, Kaleb.
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Yeah! Reaching this goal means that I am setup to work hard day-in and day-out and finish my ongoing projects: the new rock band EP and my next full-length folk album, both slated to be released in 2020! I am devoting the next few months of my life to prioritize my creative work and doing the best job I can with the art at hand. Thank you for sharing this with friends and family and thanks for your support!
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