Nhan Ngo and Roland Ladd is creating Videos

$0.10 /mo
Ok, not much, but you can have our undying love and a mention in the discription of each video. On the website we will create if we get enough money, YOU will be mentioned. You know what, as an add...

$0.25 /mo
You can have access to a Google drive in which YOU can create ideas for upcoming videos and scripts.

$1 /mo
For 8 time less than the cost of Netflix, you will have access to a Skype hangout thing (if I get it to work), each month where I and sometimes Roland will talk and contemplate the future of the ch...

$5 /mo
You can have a private Skype video call consultation where you come up with the script for the video, we make it, and you can direct the editing.

$10 /mo
Whatever we can do for you that is free, we'll do it! Anything that has to do with the channel, you can be a part of it, or at least one third. If you can, we can meet, you can be an honaray guest ...

$100 /mo
YES PLEASE! We shall praise you through the continuation of your life.

$1,000,000 /mo
We will hold the world ransom for 1,000,000 dollars. Or 100,000,000,000