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Natalya Sysyn, also known as "the Syn with a Y?" on stage, is an entertainer, and artist who , has studied moving, and healing arts for over 20 years. Beset by hardships, and trauma early in life, the drive to figure a way of of pain cycle, and PTSD were driving factors, to learn the mysteries of the human body, and mind. Injuries have been an ongoing issue, and through rehabilitating these setbacks, The Syn with a Y? has learned methods of bringing the body, back to homeostasis, and more optimal structural alignment. Life feels harder when the body, and mind are out of balance. Natalya, has devoted their life to demystifying whole health, and championing, plant, and Earth based treatments. Many forget that our diet should be therapeutic, and that food is medicine, and or poison. In 2017 The Syn with a Y?, put out their 1st healing arts video on youtube "Make America Breathe Again vol 1" A video explaining basic breath control, locks(core strengthening/control), and accessing the parasympathetic nervous system. In 2019 the Syn began putting out at home practice videos, for there system of physical training dubbed "Mixed Movements Therapy". The idea in this is mix different disciplines of sports, martial arts, and dance, to get out of movement ruts, and aid neuroplasticity . Natalya has studied many moving arts, some of the more important ones, dance age 4, and on(many styles), swimming age 3+ (has been life guard aid, and life guard certified), ice skating 7-17, yoga 20+ years(teaching for since 2011, Taoist self healing Chi Kung 20+years, Japanese Jui Jutsu 2010-212, Massage Therapy 750+hour program, and aerial arts since 2016. The more one moves the freer one feels, this practice is devoted to that sense of freedom, and the transcending of the dogma, and pain that make life feel heavy. As someone who has relied on many practitioner to ease suffering, these techniques,  videos, and workshops, are designed as a way to feel more at home in the body, and being able to make oneself feel more at ease, and in control of their path, without the help of another. Also many who go to class, massage therapy, Rolfing, PT, and doctors, do not follow through with their daily self care. Western doctors, are often overworked, and overlook asking about human habits. The Easten medicine techniques do not fragment the body, as we do in the west, and they use plant, Earth, and energy based approaches, as well as our western method. So often Western medicine relies on throwing stuff at a problem, that creates another imbalance -aka- mostly poisoning it with overuse of pharmaceuticals, which put great strain on the liver, and kidneys. We are the sum of out habits, and there is no lay away, or credit system with life. You will pay later, and possibly with your health, which may be one of the things people most take for granted. May the humans heal themselves, and carry this over to the return to being in balance with the Earth

Natalya Sysyn -The Syn With a Y? says about their their techniques/videos
"(Mixed Movements therapy)  is a  set of methods,  to aid in correcting/releasing of muscular imbalances, homeostasis, and a more optimal sense of wellbeing. My knowledge sets are in a wide range of disciplines in the moving arts, and have trained in massage therapy, Eastern wellness, and Yoga. I have had chronic pain for many years, and spent much time pursuing feeling free again in my body. It is my hope that I can share the what I have learned. You have to do the work! No one can really do this for you. When dealing with rehabbing damaged tissues(only do this in the non acute stage) it can feel like the hardest thing ever. It will not be easy but your body may be able to restore itself better than you think. As someone who has gone to PT, and Rolfers, massage therapist, they can only assist you in healing yourself. I currently teach at Tease Studio in Denver. You are responsible for you own wellness. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR KEEPING YOURSELF SAFE. If something does not feel right, then be careful, and probably stop doing it. Videos can never take the place of paying a skilled instructor to help align you, and make sure your exercise plan is suited to you. If you have had a serious accident, this is not a substitute for seeing an actual doctor. I take no blame for humans hurting themselves. You should get a physicians approval, when in doubt. These exercises are very safe if you do them correctly, balances are best taught in person. You are responsible for yourself. Taking good care of yourself, and being alive is a job. Kinds of videos

Restorative care
Level 1 Mixed Movements Therapy- restore function
Level 2 Mixed Movements Therapy- Gain ROM(range of motion) and strength
Level 3 Mixed Movements therapy- Lesson feelings of gravity/balancing I teach and film at Natalya currently teaches at Tease Studio Denver
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