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About Dianne Karg Baron

I'm a practicing metalsmith whose passion making jewellery with wire. I host an video-based membership community that helps teach hobby jewellers how to turn professional. The goal of The Tao of Wire is to help you gain confidence in your skills so you can stop relying on tutorials, and start designing and building original pieces that reflect YOUR unique vision and style.

My wire working journey started with a piece of beach glass: 

Since then I've linked, twisted, woven, hammered, fused, crocheted and knitted my way through many kilograms of metal. Much of what I create is made without a torch, using only cold-joining methods.

My obsession with wire has been going strong for over 20 years! 

I've been teaching since 1999, and have published over 50 tutorials, courses and videos on wire working and chain making.

I'd love to help you fly high and make your jewelry designs come to life!

Thank you so much for joining me on this creative journey!
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