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So you like Naan with Etken Chay for breakfast? Maybe even for lunch...and dinner as well?

By joining this tier, you will be providing the community with (amazing) general support, helping us in turn continue to provide you with great content now and in the future. It is a simple and affordable way to support The Tarim Network - and it goes a long way!
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Nothing beats meaty and fatty Kawap from a hole-in-the-wall restaurant. I repeat, nothing (except for Laghman and Polo).

In this tier, you can receive Tarim accessories. This includes anything from keyrings and stickers to mugs and hats! This is a perfect way to show your support, and going that extra mile offers you the opportunity to rep our community even on the streets!
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Laghman rules. What more do we need to say?

Apart from all the benefits you would get from eating Kawap, you will also be able to have your say on Tarim’s path. We would like dedicated supporters in this tier to lend their input and vote on upcoming projects, determining Tarim’s future work. You will also receive Holiday Cards as a bonus thank you!
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About The Tarim Network

Welcome to The Tarim Network!

We are a family of passionate individuals creating a platform to unite, inspire and advance the Uyghur youth community around the world.

Our mission is to create a global Uyghur youth community that inspires and cultivates excellence while providing cultural and social enrichment for its members. Projects developed by the Tarim Network will aim to develop the global Uyghur youth community using the three pillars as its basis.

  • Unite: to connect and strengthen our community. Through an interactive social media initiatives and cultural events.
  • Inspire: To motivate and encourage each other to succeed in all areas in life. By promoting the achievements of the community and speaking to successful individuals through our 'Tarim Talks' podcast.
  • Advance: To deepen our understanding and broaden our knowledge. Through our online academy and exciting seminars introducing a range of broad and diverse subjects to the community.

We are continually improving, developing and expanding our projects to better achieve our mission. Any donation is sincerely appreciated and put to good use operating our current projects and creating bigger and better projects in the future!

To learn more about us, please visit our website:

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