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is creating videos that connect my life to technology
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About The Tech Newb

Thank you for taking the time to stop in.

This channel is focused on bring my life and technology together and paying it forward by sharing anything I learn to you. The focus of my videos will constantly evolve depending on what I have going on in life. The goal will be to connect new technology to everyday life in hopes that I learn new things. With this new knowledge I will pay it forward and hopefully inspire you to take similar technology into your own everyday life.

As you will read in my thank you note if you pledge; another hope of mine is to show my son that no matter your age you can continue to learn new things. And more importantly you can share the knowledge to others in hopes they are inspired to tackle new challenges in their own lives.

I look forward to this section constantly evolving. Please give any and all feedback that could help improve the channel. I'm glad you could get here from the very beginning. Let's do this!
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