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Robin LeBlanc is a Toronto-based Photographer and writer. As the owner of the award-winning craft beer site The Thirsty Wench, she has appeared on television, radio and newspapers preaching the gospel of good beer. She also is regularly consulted on tastings for events. As a photographer her work has been seen on album covers, magazines, promotional material and exhibitions.


Toronto, ON, Canada

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Hi there, my name is Robin LeBlanc. I'm a Toronto-based writer and photographer who, for nearly three years now, has run a site focused on international and local craft beers called The Thirsty Wench

The site has seen a fair bit of success in recent years. I was the only Canadian finalist in Saveur Magazine's 2013 and 2014 Best Food Blog Awards in the Beer & Wine category, a winner of the 2014 awards, as well as a highlight in their "Sites We Love" section. I am a regular guest on Rogers Daytime Toronto where I present television viewers with selected local beers. I have appeared in NOW Magazine's Beer Guide, given interviews on the craft beer scene for 680 News and several other radio shows, and am regularly asked to judge or be on a panel for beer events throughout the city and beyond. Since starting up the site in 2011, I have been spreading the gospel of good quality beer by writing posts that successfully dance the line between entertaining and informative. From comic and beer pairings and looking at beer certification programs, to talking about cooking with beer and even looking in to non-alcoholic beers that don't suck, I have helped open up a lot of people's minds to the complex, versatile world of beer.

I also make absolutely no money doing it.

While The Thirsty Wench is definitely a site built from a strong passion for craft beer, I often have to put the focus on creating posts on the back burner in favour of paid work (which, as an underpaid freelancer, isn't much). Sadly, the chances of landing a columnist job for a paper are very slim, as the landscape for hiring is HAHAHAHAHA....pretty terrible. Let's not even go in to how dreadful payment is for freelance writers. Trust me. It's bad.

So I come to you folks of the Great and Powerful Internet and humbly request that you help me relieve some of the financial stress and allow me to continue to produce articles surrounding craft beer that will make you laugh, think, discuss, and drink what I hope will be a damn fine beer. Any help you can offer would be appreciated, as it would help cover my basic needs and give me the flexibility to go forward with potential plans such as organizing beer events, attending educational seminars, and perhaps even a spot of travel to look in to the different beer scenes out there.

So here's Patreon as I understand it: You can give a set amount per article I produce, or to make sure that I don't drain your account by posting constantly as part of an hourly salute to penguins in silly hats (I will not do this I swear), you can choose a set amount per month to pay. So you can pay, say, $5 per article and set a limit of $15 per month so no matter what, you're still paying what you can while not having to worry about depleting your account. As of writing this, an article is anywhere between 500-1500 words. In terms of content, you can expect things like reviews, event run-downs, informational pieces, pairing suggestions, and my own personal journey in the world of our favourite fermented drink. 

Whatever happens, whatever goes down, I want to thank you for taking the time to read this. This is something I really love doing and I want to keep on doing it. With your help, I can.

(above image by Manny Hernaez)
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